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Eco - nature

Live the essence of what Mother Nature provides in Puerto Rico by hiking, trailing, and exploring different reserves and tropical forests.  Within the depths of the “Camuy Caves” to the heated fresh winds of “El Yunque” rainforest.  These are only a few examples of many beautiful places that you can experience when choosing Eco-Nature as a tour option.


 Part of traveling to a new and contemporary island is getting to know the roots, background and history of who we were as an island.  We provide you just that so that you can treasure our islands historical aspects of 500 years of history. Tours that we offer emphasize in presenting historical monuments, museums and much more locations filled with information of our ancestors.


 A major component of the experiences that we offer involve maritime encounters and escapades to marine life and water sources.  We plan out distinct activities that are arranged such as kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and fishing and many more.  With different alternatives within aquatic life you can treasure Puerto Rico’s expansive variety of events that we offer.


Invigorating thrills and excitement is what we offer within our adventure based tours.  Escapades such as body rafting, ATV driving and the world’s longest zip-lining attraction create the adrenaline rush that you crave to enjoy many unique activities and events within our destination


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To develop and execute successful and creative group & convention programs in Puerto Rico as a Destination.



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