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Team Building

Motivate and excite your group while you build a stronger team. Team building have proven to be an effective tool to promote creative “out of the box” thinking, develop decision making abilities, generate enthusiasm, improve interpersonal relationships, and kindle the team spirit  while providing a sense of accomplishment among all team members.  The end result, discover staffs hidden potentials, increase productivity and reach set goals.


Based on the groups needs, an RST Group Sales Executive can help you achieve just that by presenting you  one of the standard design programs, or create a custom made team building that can accommodate the meetings specific goals & objectives as well as the schedule.


If you want results and a different approach, Team Building is a clever way to go!

Boat Building

Coffee Brewers

Swim Relay

Scavenger Hunt

Geo Trek


215 Pesante St – San Juan, PR 00912

Tel: (787) 722-2080 / Fax: (787) 722-0009


To develop and execute successful and creative group & convention programs in Puerto Rico as a Destination.



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